Sophia Gibson is a mother, celebrity stylist, musician, and holistic health and wellness coach. 

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Sophia discovered her love for hair at the age of 15 when a friend of hers asked if she could give her a sew-in. Sophia was shocked by this question as she had never done anyone’s hair besides her own, and even with that she couldn’t do a single cornrow. Knowing this, she did it anyway. She said a prayer first and to her surprise the style came out flawless. From there, her friends and family wanted her services. 

As she perfected her craft, she came up with a method on how to grow her clients hair faster while in a protective style. Since the beginning, Sophia had a passion for creating homemade hair treatments and she would whip up ingredients found in her kitchen, customizing them to each of her clients.

Working in several salons before attending cosmetology school, Sophia was blessed to have already established a career in the cosmetology field, which helped her provide for her children as a single mother.  

Sophia graduated from Empire Beauty School in 2008 at the head of her class. From there she went on to open her very successful salon Platinum Pink in Philadelphia PA along with her 2 partners. 

With over 25 years in the hair care industry and a close follower of the late Dr. Sebi, Sophia knows the impact that natural products and healthy foods have on the body. She also believes that our words and thoughts are very powerful, so each product is created with affirmations of the desired results wished to achieve.

SoFiyah Beauty’s mission is to educate and provide her customers with the most effective, organically sourced, sustainable vegan hair and body products that are not only healthier for you but for the planet as well!